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Dear Readers,

On a dreary july afternoon back in 2013, I wrote a blog. It was about love – finding it, and most importantly, surviving it. It was an archive of first dates I’d encountered as a gay man in the city- profiling love, sex and relationships through my many failed attempts at growing up: I liked to believe of it as a modern day mix of Gossip Girl and Sex and The City, only wittier, fresher and better. (PS: ten points for modesty.) But I digress. This is the story of how the Guysexual came about.

What is the Guysexual, you ask?

The Guysexual is your average guy-next-door who loves his beer and hates pigeons, talking about out-of-the-closet experiences of the third kind. He might not know the right spoon to eat his crème brulee with, or what colour shirt goes with a leather jacket, but he does know that there never really is only the One. There’s a Two, a Three and a Four, and probably more. It will work out with some of them, and sometimes it will not.

Ever the unreliable narrator, The Guysexual talks about his escapades in dating and otherwise, proving that there really is no difference between gay and straight when it comes to love, sex and relationships, or who fits the bill when you know that things are so bad that you probably might never ever see each other again.

Two and a half years later, today – the Guysexual is a website – something fun, something ridiculously exciting, something that you should subscribe to right away (there’s a Follow button the left side, but hey, no stress). Think of this as the ultimate pocketbook to the gay world – dating nightmares, lust lists, relationship advice, fashion tips, style facts, book recommendations and event alerts – and there’s a lot more coming up!

Now pardon me while I go make myself a sandwich (multigrain, no gherkins). You know you love me.


The Guysexual.

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