Guymate Of The Week: Kaushik Vaideeswaran, Scientist.


Guymate 2.jpg
Our Guymate of the week!

Name: Kaushik Vaideeswaran


This is how young I am (your age): 26


The ‘What-Do-You-Do’: Pretend to be intelligent, and be a scientist.


The ‘Why-Do-You-Do’: Because people buy it!


Where did that ‘Big Idea’ come from? : Self-denial, and a smart brain.


My Favorite fashion mantra: Go with your instincts. But if your instincts suck, that’s not my fault.


My favourite life mantra: Everything happens for a reason. Even heartburn.


My Hogwarts House/ Game Of Thrones family: Gryffindor. Where else would a peacock like me fit in?

Am I reading something now? :
Ralf Koenig’s The Killer Condom


Am I doing someone now? : Always!
On a Friday night, you’ll see me at: Your place? Or mine?


On a Sunday afternoon, you’d see me at: Brunch with sunglasses on because the sun hurts my eyes.

What I wear: Suspenders, bowties and dhotis. (Side note: I like mixing it up. I am just sassy that way.)


What I smell like: Musk.


If I were a song, I would be:Busy Earnin’ by Jungle – story of my life.


‘Being Guysexual’ to me means: Mysterious sex appeal, and lots of it.


If I were an article on Buzzfeed, my click-baiting title would be: ‘10 anecdotes on how Kaushik can solve your problems.’ (Side note: 0ut of which 9 would be alcohol but we will let them discover that.)


Where I see myself, five years from now: It’s simple – at a brunch.






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