20 Other things Not To Say On A First Date

20 other things to not say

  1. ‘I think you might be going bald.’
  2. ‘Well, technically, we are still together. Do you think this would count as cheating?’
  3. ‘Wow, the people who take your profile pictures on Facebook do a really good job!’
  4. Okay, don’t look now, but that waiter has the cutest butt in the world.’
  5. ‘I am so sorry I couldn’t return your call last night, I was on a date.’
  6. ‘But how can you like Gossip Girl?’
  7. ‘I see that you are friends with my ex on Facebook…’
  8. ‘So funny thing, I Googled you.’
  9. “ I am vegan.’
  10. ‘So sorry for being on the call – you were saying something? Is that so? Tell me more. Oh wait. I have to take this call, hang on. Hello?’
  11. ‘I have a strange feeling that we’ve met before. Did we have a threesome in 2009?’
  12. ‘I am so sorry for not paying attention, but there’s something stuck between your teeth.’
  13. ‘ Something tells me I am going to meet the love of my life soon, I know I’ll have to kiss many frogs till then, but I know I’ll find my prince in the end. Are you fine? You look sick.’
  14. ‘Do you want to see me snort beer from my nose?’
  15. ‘ ‘I think I saw your shirt in Zara’s sale last season.’
  16. ‘I think I am still in love with my ex-boyfriend.’
  17. ‘I am sorry but I think I am getting distracted by the pimple by your nose…’
  18. ‘I might have dinner plans with some friends later. You won’t mind, would you?’
  19. ‘Do you think it would be weird if I ask you to be my boyfriend?’
  20. ‘Wow, you drink a lot of beer, don’t you? Now I know why your face looks so heavy.’

    In case you missed our first list of twenty things not to say on a first date, read them here.

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