Guymate Of The Week: Tejeshwar Sandhoo, Fashion Blogger.

Tejeshwar Sandhoo, Fashion Blogger.
Tejeshwar Sandhoo, Fashion Blogger.

Name: Tejeshwar Sandhoo.

This is how young I am: 24 years old.

The ‘What-Do-You-Do’: Bad-Ass Social Media Whore and a handsome (read: sexy) Pilot in the making.

The ‘Why-Do-You-Do’: So I can make sure I don’t have to ask a guy to pay for my food when we’re on a date (exceptions can be made).

Where did that ‘Big Idea’ come from? : The blog was just a random attempt at writing about men’s street style. I would dress up in a quirky way and this cute girl at work would tell me that I must try starting my own blog – and then it actually happened. I wasn’t focused last year and was busy dating random men. But many boys later, I realized it was time to get things on track. I’ve been unstoppable since.

My Favorite fashion mantra: Just keep experimenting! You just have to know your body-type and what looks good and what doesn’t. I end up wearing a jumpsuit and it actually looks quite nice! Just have the confidence and mostly a good butt and that should do it! (Side note: I need to do more squats though.)

My favourite life mantra: I worry a lot. So my mantra is mostly to just calm the fuck down. Also I think that everyone must have good sex. Men, women and animals – everyone needs to just go out on the weekend and bang someone. It’s very important and is one of the best things to help you calm down. My dad says it’s yoga, but I think it’s sex (PS: or Yoga sex maybe?).

My Hogwarts House/ Game Of Thrones family: If I say Hogwarts, I’d be lying because I find none of them sexy. Slytherin is sort of sexy because of the whole snake thing but then Malfoy grew up to be ugly. And I can never remember the names of the characters on GOT, (even though I managed to watch all 4 seasons with a lot of interest) and I am mostly referring to the characters as the dragon lady, the horny dwarf or the incestuous queen. So basically I’m on Team Britney! FTW!

Am I reading something now? : Not at the moment. It’s mostly about aircrafts and subjects related to aviation thanks to placement exams that I’m sitting for. I really do want to start flying soon so I can be half the man my sister is! She flies for an airline already and I think it’s time for me to grow a pair, and fly.

 Am I doing someone now? : I am always doing someone or the other. But I might have to take a break now. You know that it’s time to take it easy when your sister calls you “Baby Slut”.

On a Friday night, you’ll see me at: Mostly at home, in a pair of paisley undies, gorging on pizza – Modern Family or Empire playing on the laptop (before I watch some straight porn and go to bed.)

On a Sunday afternoon, you’d see me at: Again in my bed, mostly. I don’t like being anywhere else. I’d rather party on weeknight so I can have some alone time on Sunday. And I won’t say no to some Maa ke haath ki chai either.

What I wear: Everything except for suits. I am not very confident in them. You would always find me wearing interesting underwear. I love minion T-shirts, my favorite pair of white Puma sneakers from their unlimited collection and my new love – jumpsuits!

What I smell like: Gucci –Guilty. Love it. Always. Also, the name defines me best.

If I were a song, I would be: “I’m a slave 4 U” by Britney Spears – I can shake my non-existent booty to it all my life. Not that I’m into BDSM or anything.

‘Being Guysexual’ to me means: Being Guysexual to me is basically about being confident in my own skin. If it’s being an open gay guy in this super judgmental country, being vocal about what I hate and who I hate, not giving a fuck about what others think or say. Making sure that I make an impression and make sure that people know who I am, for all the right reasons. I make sure I get noticed when I go out and I don’t need to wear a dress or a tiara for that. I have sex – plenty of it, with whomever I want. That’s my life and it’s me being who I am. I am Guysexual and proud of it.

If I were an article on Buzzfeed, my click-baiting title would be: 10 style tips you need to take from this Gay Pilot from India!

Where I see myself, five years from now: Flying all over the world. I should’ve had sex with this super hot Brazilian porn star I can’t stop thinking about (willing to pay him). Settled with a super cute boy from Mumbai, preferably a designer so I can come home to free new clothes. Have a menswear blog which people from every part of the globe follow. My parents living in the house next door so I can have Aloo ke Paranthe before I go for a flight and my dad can drop me to the airport every time I oversleep. But most importantly, content and in love.

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